Do you own a vending company and want to make things even better for your locations?

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Do you have a vending machine in your office or place of business and want a little improvement?

We have a few tips and ideas on how to make the very best of your vending:

Switch Up Your Products

Just because there are favorites in a machine, doesn’t mean you always have to have the same ole’, same ole’. Switching out products in a machine doesn’t need to mean a full over-haul, but adding a few new items and re-arranging things can keep patrons’ attention.

Customers will notice different products when they’re moved around to different places. New items will potentially appeal to a new person or new group of people. Something new might even pair well with something old! For example, maybe you like pretzels, but there’s nothing in the machine that you’d eat alongside them. Suddenly, cheese is added to your combo machine, and you would love some cheese to go with those pretzels…a larger sale and a more fulfilling snack is a win-win for everyone!

Be Extra Personable

Get to know your locations and say hello to patrons that you see. After all, they are your personal customers. Ask people you see what they’d like to have in the machine, or even offer a suggestion box so that you can see what is requested the most. Don’t be afraid to hand out a free snack here and there as you’re filling the machine either. Everyone loves a free snack and you may have just gained a new customer.

Add the Element of Surprise

Everyone loves a good surprise! Try adding something fun to your machine as a surprise to your customers as an incentive to their purchase. Tape a $5.00 bill to the back of a Snickers, attach a movie ticket to a back of chips, or leave a note telling someone to contact you for a small prize. People will keep coming back for more because they’ll always wonder what’s next.

You can use this to inspire and motivate employees. Offer your vending machine provider incentives for your employees like 15 minutes longer at lunch, a free vending snack of choice on the company, etc. Offering surprises will keep your vending machines exciting and put a smile on someone’s face.

Offer Great Equipment

If your equipment is outdated, or doesn’t accept credit cards or mobile pay options, then you could look into considering newer machines for your location. Newer machines don’t just offer more pay options. They come with outstanding support, are more likely to vend items without having issues, and they look more appealing. They are harder to break into as well, which can be good for profit margins. Many newer machines are also more energy efficient, an added bonus for the location you’re in.

This is just the beginning of what can be done to improve your vending machines and business, and any effort you make is sure to be noticed and appreciated.

If you’re ready to get a vending machine at your office, let us know! If you want to start your own business or just make your existing vending company better, we can help with that too. Contact us today.

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