Maryland Vending: Returning to the Office in 2022 

Drinks, snacks, and things like frozen food play a key part in the day of people working at businesses all throughout Maryland. Every day during breaks and lunch, co-workers will refuel while connecting with each other. Some of these co-workers may not have seen each other face-to-face for months due to stay home orders and working remotely due to COVID-19.  

Vending in the Workplace 

Vending and micro markets are in nearly every company and provide the services and products that play an integral part in refueling employees throughout their day. As a vending company, we want to make sure we are doing our part to keep you and your employees safe as you return to work. 

We have the following protocols in place, and they will remain in effect for the foreseeable future: 

  • All our staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 
  • We do staff temperature checks before the start of each shift. Any employees who are under the weather or have a fever are required to stay home until they are well. 
  • We wear face masks in our warehouse and while restocking each of our locations.  
  • We sanitize frequently touched surfaces on our vending machines, micro markets, and Hubz coolers.  
  • Our product bins are frequently sanitized for food safety.  
  • We sanitize frequently touched surfaces of our vehicles.  
  • We encourage employees to wash hands frequently.  
  • All visitors to our warehouse must wear a face mask.  
  • We work with suppliers that have similar COVID-19 safety protocols in place.  
  • We offer touchless payment options.  

Your Safety Matters 

When it comes to vending in Maryland and the DMV, we want our clients to know that their safety is very important to us and whether you need a drink, snack, sandwich, or a salad, Balanced Choice Vending and BCV Wholesale is providing it to you as safe as we can. 

Contact us for your vending needs in Maryland and the DMV today. We’re here to serve you as you return to the workplace in 2022.

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