Our kitchen caters to the fresh food needs of our clients. We prepare exclusive sandwiches, wraps, salads, fresh fruit, and desserts daily. We are also able to prepare specialty foods and provide catering services. 

Highlights of our Kitchen Facility and Custom Foods

Our Chef

Our Chef, Adrein Cuffey, is passionate about preparing delicious foods. He stands behind our commitment to mentor and hire local High School Seniors enrolled in their School’s Culinary Arts program whom are interested in pursuing a career in the culinary field after graduating.

Daily Preparations

Our standard daily preparations for our location’s vending machines and micro markets include:

We have the capability to prepare far beyond the above options. Bring your food desires to us and we will create them. 

Do you want to create a specialty sandwich named after your company? Yes, we will make it! Would you like to have your employee of the month create a sandwich of the month? Yes, we will make it! Do you want to create a personalized fundraiser by creating your own sandwich to sell? Yes, we will make it! 

In-Office Hot Meal Setups

We offer both in-office hot breakfast and hot lunch setups. This includes setup, serving, and breakdown. 

We can even help you take your company event to the next level by having staff create the menu and sending it to us to prepare. 

Contact us or complete the below form for more information. We truly look forward to serving you soon.