Our Telemetry and Vending Support

Our service providers offer first-class telemetry and vending support.

Telemetry & Technology

Our vending machines and micro markets come equipped with Parlevel payment devices and back-end data management systems. Parlevel has given superior support and technology to businesses all over the world since 2013, and helps businesses in the food and beverage industry maximize their capabilities.

The credit card readers allow for cash, coin, credit, debit, and mobile pay options. Machines can also be programmed to accept tokens, company cards and student cards.

Our micro markets utilize Parlevel kiosks which are programmed to accept all of the payment options listed above. Kiosks also have a camera already installed for security and peace of mind.

Each of our locations are offered access to the back end of our telemetry system where they can review things like top selling products, see sales data in real time, etc. Being able to see the sales data in real time gives our locations a piece of mind in many ways.

Technical Support

One of the biggest questions you may have is, what happens if the machine breaks down? No need to worry. Authorized service technicians are available throughout North America that will be dispatched the same or next day.