Vending Location Services

Do you dream of starting a great business and working for yourself?

Do you already have vending machines that you need to find a good home for?

No matter where you are in your exciting vending business journey, you’ll love working with Balanced Choice Vending and our in-house Locations team. We do not use outside placement agencies.

Our vending machine location services are unique, in that we take a comprehensive approach when finding locations for your machines.


Some of our fantastic locations include…

Vending machine placements with Balanced Choice Vending logos


  The Locations Process

Vending locators making callsOur process is thorough and precise. We first research your service area, as well as local competitors. We then do a small test run of calls to assess response, need, and the general market in your area. This allows us to see if certain businesses or industries have been un-tapped by the vending industry, and see how we can best approach locations to gain their interest in hosting your machines.

Our in-house Location Account Managers work hard to find you the best homes possible for your machines or micro markets. Our professional and well-trained staff will make daily phone calls to qualified locations, pre-quality the location, and schedule face-to-face meetings for you with potential locations. Make no mistake about it, the long-term success of your vending business rests in the location of your vending machines or micro market.

Our only stipulation is, you must be in an area that we don’t currently service.

Contact us for more details about our professional Location Services and to see if we can help you.