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Wholesale Products

We own and operate, BCV Distribution. We offer wholesale prices, no membership is required, and there are no minimum order amounts. Order as little or as much as you need. All delivered to your home or office. If any of the below describes your situation, you should consider giving us a try:

  • Your company offers free or reduced priced products for your staff. Also known as pantry service.
  • Your company is not large enough to have vending machine or micro market in your space.
  • Your staff works remote.
  • You want more variety. We can help you ditch those big bulky boxes.
  • You are busy and would like to leave the ordering to a company that can provide you with ongoing variety in product selections at affordable prices.
  • You want to personalize your order quantities and product amounts. This will help to eliminate waste and throwing away flavors that no one eats and/or products that end up going out of date due to the large quantities in the big bulky boxes.

Go on, give us a try. We promise to continuously work hard to keep your business.