Local Eats Catering

Supporting Local + Delivering Goodness = Local Eats Office Catering

We love local. We work exclusively with locally owned and operated restaurants and delis, to bring their delicious foods to you. Each restaurant and deli have been handpicked by our management team.

We have personally dined at each of these businesses. We know that they are clean, maintain good food health standards, and they have COVID-19 protocols in place. On top of that, the food tastes great and they are based right here in the DMV.

We can satisfy every hunger craving that arises, all delivered to your office. Kick back, browse, and order. On top of all the good food options, you can also take advantage of picking up a few everyday products at wholesale cost while you’re here, all hand delivered to you. It’s like having your own personal vending machine or micro market.

We offer two options:
Option 1: Prepaid: Orders are paid for at the time of ordering.
Option 2: Office Setup: You select the restaurant, enter the estimated number of people to be served, and we come in with the complete set up and charge each customer after they make their food and drink selection.
Give us a call at 888-400-2831 to further discuss and to place your order.