Vending in Washington DC

Balanced Choice Vending is a national company, with a personal, local presence in the Washington, DC metro area, including the States of Virginia and Maryland. We’re invested and committed to these communities in where we live and serve.

The DMV is our home-base and we’re proud to serve this beautiful location, rich in culture and history.

We currently have micro markets and vending machines in a variety of locations from churches, to schools, to local businesses. We love who we serve and strive daily to provide the snacks, drinks, and foods that our clients and customers love.

When you work with Balanced Choice Vending, you don’t just get great personalized service. You get a say in what you and your patrons or employees have access to on a daily basis. You can choose drinks and snacks, right down to whether you’d like your coke regular, diet, or zero or whether you’d like your apples sliced or sauced.

Our vending locations in DC, MD and VA also play a key role in selecting what type of machine or market will work best. Some locations just need a small convenient machine, and others may need a large micro market to serve a wide variety of foods including frozen and fresh meals.

Whether you need healthy vending machines, traditional vending, or a balance of both, we are here to help you.

Let us help you create the ideal vending experience at your business, school, community center, etc. Contact us today.