Office Pantry

Offering pantry service to your employees is a great perk!

What is this service? The employer is responsible for paying the costs for all drinks, snacks, coffee, toiletries, and food products.

How does it work? We work with you to select products you want and don’t want and we come in daily or as needed to keep your pantry restocked.

Where would the products go? You select the space in your office that you want the products to go in or we can come in and build out custom space.

How much does it cost? All products are sold to you at wholesale prices.To provide you with an estimated costs, we will need to know the estimated number of staff that you have on-site.

Does my company need to be a minimum size? No, we provide pantry services to companies of all different sizes..

Quick Fact: Did you know that by offering healthier options, you could lower your health care premium costs?

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